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Do you want your mobile app to reach more people and drive maximum installs? You need to prepare a killer app marketing roadmap. This blog lists some tried and tested steps that one must follow to create a successful mobile app marketing roadmap.


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As mobile apps continue to make everyone’s life simpler, easier, and more convenient than ever before, they’re gaining popularity worldwide. From entertainment, shopping, food ordering to streamlining daily activities, today’s generation relies on mobile apps for most things. On average, most users have more than 10 mobile apps installed on their smartphones.

That said, the COVID-19 pandemic has also accelerated mobile app downloads by 23.3%. By 2022, the mobile app industry is expecting to generate over $935 billion in revenue. Moreover, Americans spend 90% of their mobile internet time only on apps.

Seeing the stats, figures, and mounting demand for mobile devices and mobile apps, businesses also want to ensure good engagement from mobile. Therefore, they’re looking for a reputable application development company to build their apps, offer a great user experience, and earn more revenue.

However, mobile application development alone doesn’t guarantee success; your app must reach the right audience. This is the only way to drive more installs and generate better ROI. For that to happen, you (as an app owner) need to adopt the right mobile app marketing services. Plus, you need to create a well-thought-out app marketing roadmap.

Before we dive in and tell you the steps to build a successful app marketing roadmap, let’s first get into the nitty-gritty of app marketing and why app marketing is critical for your success. Ready? Let’s jump right in!

What Is App Marketing, Exactly?

The term “app marketing” is quite self-explanatory. When you market your app to reach maximum people and attract the largest possible number of users to drive installs and generate more revenue, it’s called app marketing.

Mobile app marketing is all about interacting with target users through their entire lifecycle (from hearing about your app the very first time to becoming regular, loyal users.

In short, mobile app marketing is adopting a marketing strategy to promote your app and increase your app downloads.

Why Is App Marketing Crucial for Your App’s Success?

Think of it this way:

You have built your dream app, but it hasn’t driven installs as you thought it would. Why? Because people don’t even know that your app exists.

Via top-class mobile app marketing strategies, you promote your app and reach the right audience. Mobile app marketing can get you higher engagement, can be a good source of communication between the users and you,

In fact, 98% of businesses create a mobile app marketing strategy and get good results.

To answer your question — why is mobile app marketing important? Well, if you want to reach the right users, make them aware of your app, persuade them to install the app, and drive maximum benefits from it, you need to find the ways to create a foolproof app marketing plan right away!

Top 8 (Must-Follow) Steps to Create a Thriving App Marketing Roadmap

Perform SWOT Analysis

Performing SWOT analysis can really get you ahead. Find out your app’s strengths (what’s your app’s pros, USPs, etc.), then figure out the weaknesses (what’s your app’s cons, what’s pulling your app back, etc.), then look for the opportunities (like what can you do to improve conversions, how can you make the most of it, etc.), and lastly, see if there are any threats to the app (like anything that can harm your app, risks, etc.).

Conduct Market Research to Understand Your Users

The power of proper market research shouldn’t be overlooked if you really want to prepare a proven-to-work app marketing roadmap. Market research will help you understand a lot about your target audience; thus, helping you address your users’ general issues, pain points, and various other things. Market research can also help you develop a greater understanding of how to use the app marketing methods well.

Analyze Your Competitors’ Doings

Every app has competitors. That’s why conducting a competitive analysis is always advisable. Find out the top 5-7 competitors and make a list of their monetization model, app store ranking, marketing strategy, and most importantly, users’ reviews. Analyze everything and make better use of all the information. Now as you know where not to make mistakes, you can prepare a successful app marketing roadmap.

Set Your KPIs

The success of your app marketing strategy is always proportional to your key performance indicators (KPIs). KPIs factor in campaign and in-app activity that matters the most to your goals. Measuring performance keeping KPIs in mind can provide you a clear view of where your app is performing well and areas that need improvement.

Emphasize App Store Optimization

See ASO as an SEO for app stores. App store optimization (ASO) is a process of optimizing your app to improve its visibility in the App Store or Google Play Store (or even both). Identify and use the right keywords to optimize your app so that it can rank higher in the app stores. You can also read our ultimate guide to app store optimization and make your app rank higher.

Leverage Social Media Marketing

Social media is a goldmine. The only thing you need to know is the right way to leverage it. As social media users are growing each day, it’s a smart move to stay active on social media and make engaging posts about your app. In fact, you can also take the help of influencers and ask them to endorse your app on their profile for increased awareness and better outcomes. Leverage social media and make your app go viral in no time.

Create a Killer Content Marketing Strategy

Prepare a killer content marketing strategy to make your app marketing successful. Write a launch post, boast about your app’s features, how it can help users, share screenshots and videos, etc. Content marketing for your app can help you drive traffic, conversions, improve your brand awareness, build trust among users, and can literally do wonders. In fact, you can also use blog content for email marketing purposes as well.

Set Goals and Track Key Metrics

It is essential to enable the app analytics feature in your app from the very beginning. This will help you track crucial metrics for the success of your mobile app. The only way to know whether your app marketing strategy is working or not is to set goals and track the increase in your app store ratings over a given period of time. Churn rate, daily active users, session length, time in-app, etc., are some key metrics to track.

The Ending Thought

Preparing an app marketing roadmap that can guarantee you to take your app heights can be intimidating. But not for you! Now you know eight effective steps to build a successful app marketing roadmap. Using the tips mentioned above, you can make your app reach the right audience, increase installs, and generate more revenue.

Now all you need to do is take a step ahead, implement all the steps shared in this post. This way you will definitely pave the way for the success of your mobile application and help you acquire and retain users.