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For the PC gamers out there, you’re probably familiar with Discord. The PC chatting app is a great way for gamers to build communities and chatrooms with both voice and chat text channels. You can join in with groups playing games or connect directly with friends to build your own voice-chat channel.


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Since its inception, the app has also developed into a massive platform where people with all different kinds of interests can come together over common interests. Discord is an awesome platform that lets you connect and chat with all kinds of people all over the world, free of charge.

But sometimes you want to just hop on your PC and play some games, without the potential of being bothered by other people.

By default, Discord displays your online status to all of your friends and all Discord members who are in the same channels as you. Fortunately, you can change the settings so that Discord always shows you offline, even when you’re not.

How to appear as offline on Discord

Appearing offline lets you browse and navigate your various Discord channels without other people knowing you’re online. Here’s how to set it up:

In Discord, click your profile picture in the bottom left

Choose Invisible from the list that comes up

And that’s all you have to do. On the Discord app, the process is extremely similar. Simply tap your profile picture in the bottom right, press Set Status, and choose Invisible.

There are also a couple of other status options that you can choose from the pop-up list. ‘Do Not Disturb’ will stop any push notifications from coming to your desktop from the app, and you can use ‘Idle’ to let people know when you have stepped away for a bit.

You can also set your own, custom status by clicking the bottom option. Using this option, you can type out your own little status message to go along with any of the four status updates that Discord has. You can make this message display permanently or you can have it revert back to normal after a certain amount of time.