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The nifty app, appropriately known as Water Resistance Tester, makes use of the telephone’s inside barometer.


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In this digital world, with the development of smart phone, instead of your expensive smart phone system, whether your phone is waterproof or not is focused by more and more persons.

Ever questioned in case your Android telephone was really waterproof, with out having to threat dunking your costly system? Nicely, now there’s an app to check; whereas conserving your telephone dry.

The nifty app, appropriately known as Water Resistance Tester, was created by u/rayw_reddit, and it makes use of the telephone’s inside barometer to check if the system is IP67/68 waterproofed. Fairly neat, proper? It’s even confirmed as the identical technique that precise Samsung technicians use when performing providers to verify that the waterproofing was put again the place it needs to be.

Now you possibly can make it possible for the telephone you bought again after the restore store had it, to make sure they put all the pieces again appropriately to protect the waterproofing. The identical goes for that used telephone you acquire on eBay, or actually any Android telephone to maintain the producers trustworthy of their advertising efforts.

The creator has some helpful hints on utilization, like working the app earlier than sending your telephone in for restore, after which once more when it returns to you. That manner, any discrepancy will present if the water seals have been put again appropriately or not. If not, you’ve obtained knowledge to indicate the restore store when you attempt to get it rectified.

Should you’ve obtained an Android telephone and wish to know if the waterproofing works in your telephone, head on over to Google Play to obtain the app.