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A whopping 72% of people who opened a game within a Story began to play, according to new research from InAppStory, the toolmaker that embeds Stories into apps.

Their client Tele2 recently rolled out Teletronia, their first in-Stories game to boost user time spent in-app.


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It found that the average user played 2.5 games and over 300,000 unique users played the game. Some 80% of those who began to play switched to receive a gift in the operator’s special program.

“This was our first experiment in launching games in the Stories of a mobile app. We wanted to understand how effective this new partitioning tool was. If we compare it with ordinary Stories, we evaluate the first results as good,” said Sergey Kolesnyak, the Development Director of the digital channel Tele2 Russia.


When Dodo Pizza launched Dodomania it noticed similar success with over 3.9 million views at an average 33 seconds viewing time. 72% of users started playing the game and almost 10% opened the Story with the game.

“InAppStory picks up the wave of the gamification trend as the only platform on the market that offers in-Stories games in apps. The game is launched in GameReader on top of the Story (StoryReader). This allows the Story with a game to be surrounded by other Stories (with rules or any other information). Now we are preparing 3 games and have a request for 5,” said CEO and founder of InAppStory Vladimir Lastovsky.

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