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In a YouTube parody video depicting characters from the game, a Genshin Impact content creator created their own Squid Game Dalgona Challenge.

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In a spoof video, a Genshin Impact YouTuber made their own Squid Game Dalgona Challenge, and it’s a problematic break for the game’s protagonists. The Genshin Impact content developer decided to establish a video series introducing the bloody challenges to Teyvat, based on Netflix’s very hit 2021 show Squid Game, which involves a variety of deadly obstacles. Since the game’s release, many Genshin Impact fans have created memes, films, and recreations, but this crossover parody offers a fresh twist for Genshin Impact and Squid Game fans.

Squid Game, a Netflix original, debuted earlier this year and quickly gained worldwide acclaim. The Korean drama depicts a competition in which contestants risk their lives in the hopes of winning millions of dollars by competing in a series of children’s games such as Red Light, Green Light, the Dalgona Challenge, which requires contestants to cut a shape out of a honeycomb without breaking it, Tug-of-War, and others. The series’ resemblance to a battle royale game is one of the grounds for fan crossover material with gaming. Popular memes have linked the show to games like Pokémon GO, and some have recreated the Squid Game in Animal Crossing.

Genshin Impact, a YouTuber’s Squid Game spoof, appears to be a continuous series, with the creator having already covered Squid Game episodes one and two (via Dexerto). The Dalgona Challenge, which can be seen in the content creator’s latest Squid Game video, is included in episode two. The four shapes shown to the random characters to complete the Red Light, Green Light game from the YouTuber’s debut video are the triangle, circle, star, and umbrella. The Genshin contestants must remove their shape from the dalgona sweet without shattering it, relying on their magical abilities and talents to complete the assignment. The result is a stunning mash-up of Squid Game and Genshin Impact, with the video surpassing 100,000 views as of this writing. “This is undoubtedly the most challenging video I’ve edited for this channel so far because of the sheer quantity of rotoscoping I had to perform,” the author said of their efforts.

With two episodes of the Squid Game parody currently available on genshashin’s channel, it appears that the Genshin Impact series will be continued. The Netflix show features nine episodes, six of which are dedicated to the challenges, implying that there will be more from genshashin in the future. The creator has had success with their Dalgona Challenge and their reimagining of the legendary Red Light, Green Light, using the beloved Genshin Impact characters in the first episode of Squid Game. Klee, a five-star nature, is a robot toddler who shoots down players as they attempt to reach the course’s end without being noticed moving. Instead of firearms, Klee employs her famous homemade explosives to blow the characters who fail the challenge out of existence.

Although the show inspired the videos created by the Genshin Impact content creators, they had to go creative to make their parodies succeed. Due to the lack of many of the necessary Squid Game elements in Teyvat, the YouTuber has employed savvy editing to bring their creations to life, including editing in dalgona and replacing the show’s red guards with Genshin’s Xiao and his polearm. Hu Tao is seen walking away with Xiao in the final scene of episode two, indicating that the series could go beyond the Squid Game difficulties in the future.

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