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Want to stay up to date with current events in the mobile gaming industry? Check out our mobile game market overview for October 2021.

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Whether you want to know about the hottest news, acquisitions, top mobile games, or the newest game releases – we’ve got you covered.

Mobile Game Market Overview for October: Eight Acquisitions

Many companies have invested significant amounts of money and acquired new companies. Here is our selection of the most significant acquisitions in October 2021:

1. Voodoo Acquires Beach Bum, an Israeli Game Studio

Voodoo has acquired Beach Bum, an Israeli game studio. Leading French mobile company, Voodoo has invested around $300 million in this acquisition. A large amount of money spent on the acquisition has come from Beach Bum’s success with their hit games.

Beach Bum’s founders are Gigi Levy-Weiss and Uri Shahak, who previously founded Playtika, a successful Israeli-based mobile studio.

Their most profitable game, Backgammon – Lord of the Board, has generated over $22 million in revenue since its release. Beach Bum’s team stated that they couldn’t be more excited to join forces with Voodoo.


2. Zynga Finalizes StarLark Acquisition, Gains a Hit Franchise

Zynga has finalized StarLark’s acquisition, a Chinese game developer. As a global leader in interactive entertainment, Zynga has completed the transaction with StarLark, paying $525 million in cash and stocks.

The companies have issued a statement saying that StarLark will keep its leadership team.

With this acquisition, Zynga has gained access to Golf Rival, the second-largest golf mobile game in the world. Golf Rival is a highly successful game, generating more than $40 million in revenue since its release on iOS.


3. Pokémon GO Developer Niantic Acquires Hoss, a Developer Experience Company

Pokémon GO developer Niantic has acquired Hoss, a developer experience company.

This acquisition was a strategic move for Niantic since Hoss can help them develop AR systems. Niantic is currently developing a Lightship Augmented Reality Development Kit, meant to help the development of more realistic AR experiences. 

Hoss’ role now is to assist Niantic’s developer experience team before launching Niantic’s AR software. Their AR software is noticeable in games such as Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, Pokémon GO, and, now, Pikmin Bloom.


4. IronSource Acquires Tapjoy in $400 Million Deal

ironSource has acquired Tapjoy in a deal worth $400 million. This deal’s worth was backed by Tapjoy’s high annual profits, as well as the expectation that Tapjoy will generate $81 million in net revenues until the end of 2021.

Besides the profit, ironSource stated that everyone will be able to benefit from new Tapjoy technologies. As a part of this new partnership, ironSource’s users would be able to reach Tapjoy’s marketplace.

ironSource’s strategy is to continuously expand their SDK presence across mobile apps and games, resulting in market expansion.


5. Scopely Acquires Sony’s GSN Games for $1 Billion

Scopely has acquired Sony’s GSN Games in a deal worth $1 billion. GSN has been a great company for Sony from day one.

Moreover, Sony shared that they were happy to find a company like Scopely to continue with GSN Games’ growth and progress.

When it comes to the deal, Scopely agreed to pay half of the amount in cash, and the rest will be provided to Sony in the form of a minority interest in Scopely.

Scopely’s team was excited about this acquisition since many talented employees from GSN Games were joining them, along with their impressive game portfolio.


6. Murka Acquires Mobile Deluxe, a Solitaire Game Studio

Murka has acquired Mobile Deluxe, a solitaire game studio. The company, Murka, stated that this was a strategic move in solidifying their position on the market. This acquisition was a big step in Murka’s development of the casual genre.

Mobile Deluxe, the solitaire game studio, has 18 years of experience in the industry, which was one of the reasons this acquisition happened, according to Murka.

Murka also commented that Mobile Deluxe would help them keep their creative core and excellence in the social-casino genre.


7. Product Madness Acquires Playsoft, an Award-Winning Polish Developer

Product Madness has acquired Playsoft, a Polish-based mobile developer. Playsoft is a developer known for Nickelodeon Super Brawl Universe, along with Le Tour de France, a game from the sports category.

Besides those two games, Playsoft worked with leading publishers in the industry such as Jam City, Hasbro Inc., Asmodee Digital, and so on.

This acquisition has allowed Product Madness to expand their portfolio and make it more diverse.

Given that Playsoft’s games have been successful, Product Madness counts on utilizing Playsoft’s talent in the development of casino games. 


8. ironSource Acquires Bidalgo, an Israeli Marketing Software Company

ironSource reappears on this list  because they have also acquired Bidalgo, an Israeli marketing software company.

Bidalgo stated that this new partnership would provide app marketers with a single place to create, manage, and analyze their paid marketing campaigns.

However, users will now be able to manage their campaigns and many more actions within ironSource’s platform. ironSource stated that this acquisition was meant to deepen their market presence. 

Bidalgo’s technology, ironSource explains, empowers app marketers to constantly grow since Bidalgo provides them visibility and unmatched control over their marketing investments.

Mobile Game Market Overview for October: Mobile Game Releases

Interested in catching up with new mobile game releases? We’ve got you covered. Discover the latest trends and releases in our mobile game market overview for October 2021:


1. Squid Game Mobile Games Flooding the Stores

Squid Game has been extremely popular lately, earning the title of Netflix’s most-streamed show ever.

Naturally, a lot of companies wanted a piece of the Dalgona cookie. Therefore, many Squid Game-themed games have flooded the mobile app stores.

On Google Play, Cookie Carver: Life Challenge reached the very top, taking first place in the free games category.  But, aside from Cookie Carver, Candy Challenge 3D has reached 4th place in the free game category on the App Store.

2. Niantic’s Pikmin Bloom

Coming from the creator of Pokémon GO, who wanted to make mobile gamers a bit more physically active, is Pikmin Bloom. The new game works similarly to Pokémon GO.

The players use the AR experience on their mobile devices to collect Pikmin, cute colorful creatures as they move around.

As players walk, flowers bloom along the paths players create, allowing them to gather petals, which they can plant somewhere else later.

At the end of each day, players can review the number of steps they took and the routes they walked on.

3. Stranger Things: Puzzle Tales by Netflix and Next Games

Helsinki-based Next Games released a free-to-play mobile game inspired by the popular Netflix show. Stranger Things: Puzzle Tales was made in collaboration with Netflix, having their official license.

Players get to explore the supernatural mysteries in Stranger Things’ world landmarks and experience the original story in a completely different way.

Moreover, the players get to solve puzzles, collect characters, gear, and even play some Match-3 rounds.

4. RuPaul’s Drag Race Superstar by Leaf Mobile and World of Wonder Productions

RuPaul’s Drag Race Superstar launched globally on October 25th, 2021, both on iOS and Android.

This game, inspired by the popular reality TV show RuPaul’s Drag Race, brings fans the opportunity to play as their favorite drag queens.

The game revolves around the players choosing fashion pieces and creating looks to slay the runway, as the drag queens would say. Along with fashion, players get to try out challenges as seen on the show, unlock iconic drag queens from the franchise, and many more TV show-inspired elements.

Final Thoughts on Mobile Game Market Overview for October 2021

As you’ve just read, the mobile game market has been full of different activities in October 2021. We’ve seen a lot of fun games being released, millions of dollars worth of acquisitions, lawsuits being filed, investments made, and many more.

Which news was the most interesting to you? Did you enjoy reading our mobile game market overview for October 2021? Let us know in the comments!

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